Sounds of Wholeness

Written by Joseph Stodgel in the Snack Room at Schumacher College, this song is a tribute to the great philosopher and physicist Henri Bortoft, one of the core teachers on the Holistic Science MSc. His words echo deep in the song – “The theory will appear from the facts, it will shine from the phenomenon.” and his teachings that we can experience how “We belong already” instead of attempting to explain or make believe ourselves into relation and connection through intricate and “advanced” but ultimately disparate theory and over-intellectualisation. My confounding words here are an example of this. We belong already – no need to make believe.

Performed here one fine night in the light of a fire in Brian’s Garden at Schumacher College.

We Belong Already – a Tribute to Henri Bortoft

listen to David Rothenberg on soundcloud

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