Guest Article: Philip Franses – Personal Pathways to Meaning

Transition Consciousness

Simon writes: I am pleased this week to introduce a guest article from Philip Franses, the Editor–in–Chief of the Holistic Science Journal and lecturer in complexity and Holistic Science at Schumacher College.

Holistic Science JournalThe journal, of which four editions are published each year, is founded on the following three pillars:

Firstly, the journal encourages reports of encountering the living qualities of a given phenomenon. In the practice of Goethe’s science the careful cultivation of our direct sensory perceptions combine with our intuitive capacity for spontaneously apprehending the intrinsic wholeness and deep inner meaning that lies hidden at the heart of things. This exploration brings with it a profound ethical concern for the welfare of what we are studying.

The second pillar of the journal is giving the philosophical perspective to a systems approach to science. From the evidence of mathematical models of the relationships amongst the components of the…

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