No society before has ever needed so many resources to maintain itself as we

– What is your vision for the future, we have climate change, we are in a very deep global crisis. You think there is hope? being there Mind in Nature do you think that through music and Art there is a way forward?

Because of our collective human activities, temperature of the earth is going up.  We are changing the weather. This means severe upheaval to our environment and it is going to happen even if we stop emitting all CO2 today.  The more this is accepted the more there will be a serious rush to come up with a new form of energy production for the next generation because we are running out of oil—that’s even more significant.  This doesn’t mean I expect that everything will collapse; people will start working really hard on alternative fuels on the conservation of fuels we have now by necessity.

Hopefully we will get more intelligent to be more efficient in our use of energy and really think deeply and different about how much energy we need for things. I do still expect more development and growth and technology, the push goes on but we will have to manage it very carefully. I am optimistic in thinking that people still probably will figure it out, though we should expect some suffering.

The work that I do is something of an antidote to all this serious work and concern.  If we make music with nature, we get closer to nature so we appreciate nature more, this in itself is a great thing. It is but a small part in a reorientation of society which has been going on for thousands of years—there have always been waves of more interest in nature, and then stepping back, the tendency has always been there. I don’t think is radically new, throughout history we have humans wanting to engage with nature and trying to make music out of nature, striving to get closer to it, but also there is this tension that is the essence of being human. We always require more resources than would enable us to truly fit in. And if we do find a way to be so highly technological and fit into nature at the same time that would be a kind of revolution that is unprecedented. No society before has ever needed so many resources to maintain itself as we. We may fail and the whole edifice collapse, and get a different kind of success with a new sort of tribal society with far few people post-calamity but I honsestly don’t think that is going to happen. More likely that we will muddle our way through and figure it out. We will solve these problems in a way that will entail some hardship but we will also evolve and advance. It will involve a lot of rethinking, involving new technology and the dissolving of all kinds of dogmas, even the dogmas of the progressive environmentalist.


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