Tree talk

Our Ancient Woodlands In Winter

Tree Talk

Come and explore the foods, medicines & mythology of some of our most common hedgerow trees & shrubs. You’ll also discover over this fascinating 2-hour walk how to identify trees in winter, a simple technique to increase your sensory connection to landscape, we’ll cover blackthorn, hawthorn, elder, limes, wild fruit trees, hazel, elder, and hopefully we’ll find the ever elusive wild service tree. In this oak & ash woodland you’ll explore traditional properties of some of the tree species present, and examine them in their historical context.

We can consider individual trees as parts of the woodland community, but also dwell on this bio-diverse community as a whole; discovering how trends and patterns of management have changed these woodlands over the centuries. Even in the winter months a keener eye and ear can detail evidence of foraging animals, look for signs of Badgers rooting for earth worms, or evidence of their latrines, examine discarded nut shells and identify their consumer, be it Squirrel, Wood mouse or even perhaps Dormouse. Listen and watch up in the trees for Nuthatch, Green and Greater spotted woodpeckers and more. Let us join together and see what secrets this majestic woodland may or may not reveal to us.

When, Where, & How Much?

About Your Guides

Grant Riley is a free-lance ecologist who has worked in the fields of countryside and woodland management in the UK for many years. His exceptional tree knowledge has been gained from over 30 years of observing and researching trees and their place in our landscape.

Having grown up in the wilds of Dartmoor, a legacy of passion for natural history has pursued Grant throughout his life. As a young man he took to living high up in the trees in protest during the anti-road building movement of the 1990s. He has also learnt many of his skills from travelling and living outdoors across Europe, from living in horse-drawn wagons, to boats, trucks and even a double-decker bus. Globally, Grant has lived and worked with a variety of indigenous communities from Africa, India and Mesoamerica etc, learning many of the traditional land management techniques but also the spiritual, medicinal and holistic approaches to life from these regions.

Having recently completed a Masters degree examining nature deficit disorder and the current relationship we have with our environment. This following a bachelors degree in Ecology, Grant is keen to engage with all walks of life and share his passion for nature.

Robin Harford harvests wild edible plants on a daily basis, and is creator of the UK’s leading wild food site

His wild food foraging courses have been recommended in the BBC Good Food Magazine, Guardian, Green Parent, Ecologist, GQ etc. He has taught at Eden Project, been featured on BBC2 Edwardian Farm, Road Dog TV and BBC Scotland. He also consults for TV companies and celebrity chefs.

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