Daring to Dream


Yesterday we learn about Transition. AFter been feeling quite overwhelmed by the facts of climate change, passing tipping points, and melting poles; this come panacea comes at the right time. Peak oil has an analogy as a football match, made of two halves. We been playing the first half: easy to find and produce crude, cheap high quality, high energy return, and so on. We have entered long ago the second half: falling/decreasing energy return, volatile/high prices, more pollution/high carbon, lower quality oil, less accessible. Even do there is a huge optimistic view the fact is that we are seriously running out of time. We need to cut 10% of emissions per year in developing nations to have only a 2 degree raise on temperature. Thats huge. There has to be a sustained shift. A post growth economy rather than an unlimited growth one. There is no Cavalry to come to the rescue to our energy models, we have been left alone. Transition is design to work at local scale. We need to be the people to do this. How do we actually start to respond? The change need to start from the bottom up. Build localisation and resilience. 80% of what you buy in the Supermarket goes out. In Totnes alone 32 million pounds is expend a year on food, of which 24 million goes to the two main supermarkets. We don’t want for someone else to rescue us. There is a huge potential for social enterprise and local business. But how does it work transition towns?
Is like making the most fantastic chocolate cake. Depending on the ingredients, we have to rely on what is already on the community. For example in the borough of Camden in London there is nine diferent transition initiatives.
Since 1961 Economic growth hasn’t make people any happier. Then the right metaphor to use will be something like the peak oil can be seen instead as a big swamp,as you go deeper the less you can see the people around you. We heard some incredible stories about local initiatives all around the globe that are making the difference. How the gift economy is a growing fashion in some regions, and self organisation is spreading steadily. Lets work together for a new dawn.


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