The Love and Joy of We’ness


-It would be lonely

to be the one and only,

said the feasting slime mould in the broccoli

-I agree, said the Bee.

-Together is how we can be We

exploring the world, buzzingly free


The eukaryote cell, overly excited,

wobbled her cytoplasm in agreement

-Without the mitochondria

I would be nothing more than a blob!

she proclaimed,

as Bob,

the Bobtail Squid

came to make his We’ness bid.

-My mantle I sublet

to a bunch of brody bacteria

(with the name of Vibrio fischeri)

-No reason to play Russian roulette

together they kindly hide my silhouette 🙂


Then the lichen

started preaching

about his split personality

being both a fungi and an algae

Chaotically and so symbiotically!


For the slime mould

this was over the top and a bit to much

as he pulled him-selves together

slugging away to…

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