The Relations of Life

The units of life are cells. Cells first appeared on Earth some 3.5 billion years ago in what we call the ‘primordial soup’.How and what started life is still a riddle scientist are working on uncovering. Maybe “bubbles” of lipids formed in waters. Those “pre-life bubbles” may later have become membrane structures of the cell, encapsulating molecules, with the inherent ability to attract and connect, forming pre-life molecular compounds. Bombarded with solar radiation and energy, chemical reactions could have lead to new relations becoming patterns of life. Earth generated a complex system of relating and cooperating molecules. Possibly, ‘cooperation is [even] more ancient than life itself’. (Martin Novak, Super Cooperators (2011), pg117 )

L’three Musketeers


and there was Light

splitting and fusing Molecules

inventors of it’s own self-replicator

a microbial dynamic cooperator

bacteria in-becoming living jewels


and there was Life

of new-born cells in…

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