The Story of our own lives

After sharing the Deep time walk with the MA Economics for Transition yesterday, where this time was our turn to tell the story of how the life on Earth begins. We felt that the beginning of it is rather important, as for all the conditions to be ripe, in order to manifest life on Earth are very slim.



Life is an incredible phenomenon.

A quick look in a mirror shows you a great example on life’s brilliance. Yourself.

The human body consists of some 50 trillion cells (Bruce H. Lipton, Biology of Belief (2005)) and at least 10 times as many micro-organisms, collectively relating in ways which makes us alive. The thought of being a bunch of ‘organized’ and ‘relating’ cells might be disturbing. But as Lynn Margulis says: ‘Remember that you, yourself, were once a single cell: the fertilized egg, the zygote, that reproduced by division to become an embryo in your mother’s womb’. (Lynn Margulis & Dorian Sagan, Symbiotic Planet (1998) pg. 73).

The bacterial cell is probably the oldest, the ‘ur-form’ of life and ancestor of all biological life of the Earth. Bacteria uncovered how to split HO2, were instrumental in inventions such as swimming, photosynthesis, DNA, oxygen breathing, language and maybe even ‘consciousness –…

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