Resilience and biodiversity


We wander if we have more complexity in Gaia that will give it more stability. The answer seems to be positive, as studies have shown that ecosystems process declines with loss of diversity. Or also increasing diversity increases the odds that at least some species will respond positively to changes in the conditions. The level of connectance between organism, in the web of life also helps building resilience in the ecosystems. When we study through a mathematical model what will happen when we remove certain predators from the system, we realise that in some cases when a member of the community disappear the whole ecosystem is disturb to the point that can eventually die out. Therefore is very important to be aware of the planetary boundaries in order to promote diversity and not destroy it. Predation can promote diversity, as competition too.
Now human intervention has a massive impact on biodiversity. The extinction of species due to habitat fragmentation is huge. Biodiversity help us with control erosion, protecting us from storms, soil formation, and acts as a climate regulator. Hence vital to life.

Published by Felipe Viveros

Wordsmith, nomad and researcher

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