The Evolution of the atmosphere

These grand and fatal movements toward death: the grandeur of the mass
Makes pity a fool, the tearing pity
For the atoms of the mass, the persons, the victims, makes it seem monstrous
To admire the tragic beauty they build.
It is beautiful as a river flowing or a slowly gathering
Glacier on a high mountain rock-face,
Bound to plow down a forest, or as frost in November,
The gold and flaming death-dance for leaves,
Or a girl in the night of her spent maidenhood, bleeding and kissing.
I would burn my right hand in a slow fire
To change the future … I should do foolishly. The beauty of modern
Man is not in the persons but in the
Disastrous rhythm, the heavy and mobile masses, the dance of the
Dream-led masses down the dark mountain.

Robinson Jeffers, 1935
(from The Dark Mountain Manifesto)

The composition of the Earth’s atmosphere has change dramatically to become what is now an ideal balance environment that makes life on Earth possible. Somewhere around 2.5 billion years ago we think the temperature drop enormously creating a snow ball earth(ice age). When the first continents appear the CO2 decrease and the O2 went up. Photosynthesis and methanogenic have been an essential activity regulating the temperature acting as cooling and warming agents. In order to understand the origins of life we have to study the common ancestor to all life. That is Bacteria, there is global planetary miasma, one specie. We have prokaryote and eukaryote, the latest have 1000 more gens than bacteria. We shouldn’t look down to bacteria, cause they are incredibly complex. Now there is the believe that the origins of eukaryote cells was through symbiosis, the nuclei appear when oxygen start rising in the Atmosphere. Then the bacteria started doing phagocytosis, which help it getting energy.


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