Delicate balance, Gaia is alive

What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?

Henry David Thoreau

Its quite easy to feel despaired after studying the facts of Climate Change. Even do after all the manipulation that media, corporations, and even Governments do to try to cover up the obvious signs that the Planet is experiencing massive changes in its weather, but primarily that human activity is one of the agent provocateur and catalysers of the whole phenomena.
If we add to our fossil fuels emissions, industrial activity, nuclear generation, deforestation, marine life extinction, chemtrails, and unlimited economic growth; our planet can’t handle it. In order to do something about it, we need to first realise how desperate our situation is. Like when you do a Deep Ecology workshop, naming the problematics, becoming aware of them, is the first step towards getting together and take action. When we come together with like minded people we can share our frustrations, fears, and also the wishes to do something about it. Thats why is great to be here. Were we can come together and move beyond the despair, towards a sustainable future.
Perhaps if we want to know where we going as a specie, we should first understand where we come from. For example with modern technology we can look at formations as far as 6.5kly(light years away), like the Crab Nebula which is a pulsar wind nebula. But life on earth only got started between 3.8 bya (billion years ago). We also think that a Mars-size body impacted the earth 4.5 billion years ago, and the giant impact quickly propelled a shower of debris from both the impacter and the earth into space. The impact sped up Earth’s rotation and tilted the earth orbital plane 23. Earth re-formed as a largely molten body and the moon aggregated from the debris. Ancient moon rocks brought back by the Apollo astronauts support this impact hypothesis. The moon is essential for maintaining the stability of the Earth. We are moving around the Sun, in an even fashion. All this incredible fortunate conditions, that favoured the formation of life and then gave rise to bacteria first and later on multi cellular life are facts that we largely ignore. We have ‘Rare Earth’ factors, for example when we look at the evolution of Oxygen, inventing photosynthesis. There is not to much oxygen nor to little. Also evolves at the right time.
Having Jupiter as a neighbour help us through clearing up comets and asteroids. We have just the right amount of Carbon, enough for life not enough for creating a runaway greenhouse.
Its very difficult to get life but it happen(3,8bya), then the water splitting photosynthesis happen freeing Oxygen 2,7bya. Here we find that collaboration is at the heart of creation, when we realise that bacteria collaborate and communicate spreading life on earth. Complex cells(eukaryotes) dominate the surface of the Earth 1bya. Humans only appear 200.000 years ago. Thus this give us an insight on how Gaia it has a growing intelligence, the planet is evolving complex entity; that experience moments when things shift drastically,that changes not always happen smoothly. We might be at the brink of one of those moments.


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