The cloud dynamics

The well-being of the natural environment predicts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual longevity of our Peoples and the Circle of Life. Mother Earth’s health and that of our Indigenous Peoples are intrinsically intertwined. Unless our homelands are in a state of good health our Peoples will not be truly healthy. This inseparable relationship must be respected for the sake of our future generations. In this Declaration, we invite humanity to join with us to improve our collective human behavior so that we may develop a more sustainable world – a world where the inextricable relationship of biological, and environmental diversity, and cultural diversity is affirmed and protected.
-excerpt from The Draft Mystic Lake Declaration

As the time passes the intensity of study, the need to process it and turn it into essays thus meeting deadlines; and whats most integrating this knowledge into outlives, is rather a life transforming experience. We ourselves are about 20% made out of Carbon. Understanding more about the Carbon cycle is essential to figure out what are the boundaries of our world. With our huge input of fossil fuels into the atmosphere we are breaking the capacity for the biota to regenerate and thus we are seriously threatening our own existence. For example the albedo(reflectivity) of the clouds is huge, helping to cool the planet. Without them the temperature of the planet will rise around 17 degrees, making life on earth unbearable. Every element has an important role to play, the Oceans, the forest,the animals. But we don’t know that, unaware of the consequences on how are actions are drastically changing the balance that life itself took millions of year to reach. Thereafter to recover the balance we need first to understand how fragile our ecosystems are. One of the elements we are studying is the role that life formations like Coccolithophore play as climate regulators. Or how the clouds are formed. We are killing off trough climate change, algae that regulates the temperature. At the same time we have almost totally exterminated whales, that now we understand they help making the oceans fertile. Also the tropical rainforest emit cloud seeding chemicals as well as the oceans. The clouds help also reflect the Sun, and thus keeping the temperature in a level that is ideal for life, however if we continue with the actual rates of deforestation, we are exterminating clouds. Bacteria has been found present in the clouds, thus indicating they might be autopoietic beings.(self generating)

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