The inner Earth

For the last couple of days we been studying the Carbon cycle, yesterday we went on a field trip to Dartmoor National Park which is not far form the College. There where a couple of concepts that were key to understand more of the Earth dynamics, the feedback loops, and albedo. We can study more clearly how the cycles of life functions through a simple mathematical formula, which is positive and negative feedback. In the other hand Albedo is the capacity of reflecting sun light. Now this is essential for life on Earth, as we see that different surfaces have different albedo levels and how trough this complex regulation mechanism we can keep the temperature of the Earth stable. Daisy world model, show us that there is a cooperation between daisies to keep temperature stable, therefore life has the best conditions to manifest, there is a common benefit, for the darker daisies and for the paler ones.
Gaia in Action.
When we study the chemical composition of life, of the structure of the Universe, we can see it from the traditional way as just atoms that interact among each other, or as if they have personality.




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