The Story of our own lives

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Life is an incredible phenomenon. A quick look in a mirror shows you a great example on life’s brilliance. Yourself. The human body consists of some 50 trillion cells (Bruce H. Lipton, Biology of Belief (2005)) and at least 10 times as many micro-organisms, collectively relating in ways which makes us…

Resilience and biodiversity

We wander if we have more complexity in Gaia that will give it more stability. The answer seems to be positive, as studies have shown that ecosystems process declines with loss of diversity. Or also increasing diversity increases the odds that at least some species will respond positively to changes in the conditions. The levelContinue reading “Resilience and biodiversity”

Homo Symbioticus – A Song about human evolution

Click on link to listen : HOMO SYMBIOTICUS Every pea is part of its pod every tree is bound to its ground and stars never part from the sky as every part of your heart – belongs to a cell – belongs to a cell Everything has to do with everything Everything has to doContinue reading “Homo Symbioticus – A Song about human evolution”

The Evolution of the atmosphere

These grand and fatal movements toward death: the grandeur of the mass Makes pity a fool, the tearing pity For the atoms of the mass, the persons, the victims, makes it seem monstrous To admire the tragic beauty they build. It is beautiful as a river flowing or a slowly gathering Glacier on a highContinue reading “The Evolution of the atmosphere”

Delicate balance, Gaia is alive

What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on? Henry David Thoreau Its quite easy to feel despaired after studying the facts of Climate Change. Even do after all the manipulation that media, corporations, and even Governments do to try to cover up the obvious signsContinue reading “Delicate balance, Gaia is alive”

The cloud dynamics

The well-being of the natural environment predicts the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual longevity of our Peoples and the Circle of Life. Mother Earth’s health and that of our Indigenous Peoples are intrinsically intertwined. Unless our homelands are in a state of good health our Peoples will not be truly healthy. This inseparable relationship mustContinue reading “The cloud dynamics”

The journey of a carbon atom

One of the problems with the greenhouses gases is that they are not visible. The atmosphere of our planet is like a living sea, that has been carefully manufactured by the Earth trough millions of years. Now we humans and our way of life, haven’t taken long to break the subtle balance, specially during theContinue reading “The journey of a carbon atom”