Deep experiencing, transforming our relationship with Gaia

” The smaller we come to feel ourselves compared to the Mountain, the nearer we come to participation in its greatness ”

A. Naess

We have had another study week, which means no classes but time to read some more of the supporting material, write our essays reflecting what we have learnt during the Module, but also digest the huge amount of information and great experiences we been trough.


Chaos and Complexity Theory and experience seems so vast, a study that might take years to really deepen and apply to our daily lives; but we feel grateful to have the opportunity to be able to study it, to come across it. Even do it is slowly becoming more of a mainstream thing, specially when applied to Organisations, still is very peripheral given its practical applications and potential to benefit enormously the way how we organise our lives, and our relations with others. Now to introduce you with the new topic we are starting to study, the first points of the proposal of Deep Ecology, whom created some polemic at the time:

1-“The well-being and flourishing of human and nonhuman life on Earth have in themselves ( synonyms : inherent worth, intrinsic value, inherent value). These values are independent of the usefulness of the nonhuman world for human purpose.”

2-” Richness and diversity of life-forms contribute to the realization of these values and are also values in themselves.

3-” Humans have no right to reduce the richness and diversity except to satisfy vital needs”

Today is a special day, we all have been waiting for long time. It is a day when we celebrate our communion with Gaia, the living Earth who is the subject of our studies. We close our eyes and we are guided trough the feeling of Mother Earth, feeling held, supported, nested. We reach out, extending our arms and opening our palms, a small ball of clays placed carefully there. We start modelling our vision, into the clay. We come up with different images, all beautiful, all sharing the sense of a being, of a self. Imagination here is very important, we are not trying to avoid the knowing quantitative thinking, trough our rational mind, rather we are trying to integrate : explanation, imagination, intuition, feeling, bring them together.
Tonantzin, PachaMama, Ñuque Mapu, Mother Earth, Gaia. All names for Gaia, but who is Gaia?
Big breasted Earth, mother of all, or the Greeks it was the Mother Goddess, a being with a huge intelligence. The same word was use for soil, and for the whole of the planet. This concept got lost in the West, specially due to the influence of the Judeo-Christian Culture, that discard the feminine, the spirituality, all the way trough the middle age, until now. The mainstream culture tried to suppress the Arquetype to the unconscious, but the problem is that it comes back strongly as a disease, as literally a hatred to the land. This pathology comes back as a unhealthy relationship. We try to control the Environment, there is a power struggle, a worldview crisis. Man feels isolated in the cosmos because he is no longer involve in Nature. We will continue our a inquiry leaving the classroom and experiencing it. Luckily the weather is mild, cold but sunny. Maybe Gaia is caring for us coming back to her?

Gaian Folk Music

When life gets a little stressful, get some bio-dynamic preps and make a pile of compost – layers of carbon and nitrogen, soaked with water, thatched with straw and cared for homeopathically – giving love to the source, to yourself 🙂

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