From the darkness comes the light


Yesterday we finish our day, with a story of Philip our teacher, a Mathematician and researcher who has been doing holistic science for quite some time. He told us story when he went by bike to Africa, and how relativity applied provides a complete framework and a better understanding of reality. Specially when we move beyond the conceptual world. It was a great story that we won’t mention for now, but aloud us to understand how reality can be flexible and manifest such amazing things if we are open. At the morning meeting we have every day here at Schumacher College, were we share a morning reading, a song, poems, and what the different post graduate and short courses are doing, we jokingly said that today we will be studying Quantum Physics in the morning and rocket science in the afternoon. The matter of fact is that we are studying quantum physics. Opposite to yesterday when was all about light, looking into the atom , where matter came into being. It has the property of hiding itself, but when yo prod it it shows itself:”here I am”.
Nils Bohr wanted to explore the principle of the atom, exploring it mathematically not practically. However quantum theory would defy any attempt to use something known in order to describe it, to understand it. Bohr in 1913 create a new model of r atom, in which and electron when is excited, it came a jump from one energy state to another. Or when you heated up or give it energy can come out. Energy emitted or absorbed in quantum that correspond to a jump between levels. Quantum instead of a continuum of energy is a step, a jump. Bohr went round and round in his head, on how to explain the nature of the atom to the academic establishment at the time. He needed to demonstrate that what he was doing was in the right track. He couldn’t presented as the atom being the “shore of existence”, nor as being in the frontier between existence and non existence. This whole experiment with the particles gradually develop, after the war. By focusing completely in the act of measurement, this huge sub realm got disguised as he just focus in the position, momentum , the speed, of the electrons or the foton; the particle. In 1923 the idea of a wave function that existed and contained preparatory information, that will later on will have they possibility to manifest. Schrodinger had a mayor breakthrough whilst he was visiting Bohr, as he was laying in bed feeling ill, when he had the insight of the wave equation laying down a totally new way. Wolfgang Pauli was essential in setting up quantum theory, at the time the focus was on the manifestation of the atom. He had a mayor breakdown, a disastrous marriage, his Mother commit suicide. He had a dream where the was two ways of understanding reality, he was giving the meaning that was an open meaning, beyond the conceptual world. You need to have understood the concepts fist in order to let them go, in order to receive the meaning. The concept are vessels where the meaning of reality can come into. They become transparent. In the mean time, the war had started, and both Germany and Denmark had started working in the possibility of creating a bomb trough the principles of quantum physicist. Einstein was up set that is theory was been used to create such a destructive thing: the atomic bomb. When you face the emptiness and don’t stop at concepts, the meaning can emerge. It is a gateway to understand reality. The paradox was that as they where beginning to understand the secrets of matter, with these theory they produce, but at the same time was giving rise to a highly destructive weapon. Why Germany didn’t develop the atomic bomb with Eisenberg? We don’t know exactly what happen. We know that 6 thousand Jews flee Denmark by boat to Sweden two days before the Germans where coming to take them to concentration camps, how did they hear about it?
Is only now that we come to realise what was the implications of that Copenhagen meeting. Conceptual reality doesn’t replace living reality where it express its own nature.




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