The Cosmic Dance

” We have only the world that we can bring forth with others,
and only love helps bring it forth’.So for them, to live as a
human is not simply to know and to feel but to love. ‘This
is the biological foundation of social phenomena: without
love, without acceptance of others living beside us, there is
no social process and, therefore, no humanness. (The tree of
knowledge, Maturana and Varela, 1987)

We been busy for the past few days dancing Tango. What’s that had to do with Holistic Science, or with the module we are studying now Chaos and Complexity? Well as we are in a collective enquiry, finding out what these words mean, trough dancing them! Seems like trying to embody the teachings, rather than talking about it is quite a successful but at times to radically approach. Very useful but so unconventional that we often feel out of our comfort zones. As we begin with the dance, loosing our minds, and connecting with our body intelligence the fun started. We pair into couples and dance, simple steps first, trying to develop awareness in order not to keep crashing into other couples. Swapping partners constantly as the time goes by we start to develop more coherence, becoming a field. Who who’d have thought that I will be learning the dance my Grandparents love, but at the same time helping me comprehend what complexity means.



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