Cycling to the Universe at the speed of light.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
-Albert Einstein

Today we are learning about relativity, about light. As we been doing in the past weeks we begin the day with a couple of minutes of silence. It helps to open up the mind, and settle thoughts, arrive to the classroom fully and leave behind the rest. After all the embodied study of the past few days, we are now tapping into time, space, and the nature of light. Instead of going straight into a head space, we walk out of the classroom and did a small sharing about the universe, what do we know of it. Two Volunteers represent a positive an a negative particle each, which made things clear in the beginning until we started to talk about Leibniz, Newton and Einstein. Back to the room we got acquainted with Einstein ideas like, you always see light whole, light has a finite speed. Interacts with the matter, but light itself doesn’t have a partial nature. It has its own quality of being. From all references points you see light the same. When light go trough to different media slows down. Space and time become relative, in relationship with the speed of light. They where regarded as absolute(space & time) until Einstein. He had an intuition at the age of 16 that he will later formulate, and that now it’s a proven thing that has revolutionise the way see and of what we know of space and time. It’s seems highly paradoxical to us, in a world of bodies. Form a calculable world and how they interact, he put us in a completely paradoxical and dynamic version of it, were light has a key role to play in it. Brings the world into presence. You know from Maxwell that what moves light are the particles, that are moving. Newtons idea was that we are living in a static container. When you aloud everything to change and uget rid any notions of what is happening with space and time. Relativity arises, in allowing for everything to be free, a pattern in the universe arises. A dynamic pattern of events, where everything that happens is affected by this pattern. Einstein discovered that space and time are affected by their nearness to matter. So matter can bend light. Because light is been deflected Matter tells space and time how to bend. Space and time tell matter how to move. Everything has a inclination to react depending on the masses that are around. Light itself is bend by space and time. The essential dance of the universe is a dance, brings things into relationship with each other. When we talk about complexity, there is a fundamentally different approach , where we allow things to move , where the universe finds its form in this pattern that emerges and we allow things to form together. It is not an static thing where we can predetermine how things will act. Form arises cause things are vulnerable. Einstein went into the heart of things and found a similar pattern, he begun to discover very peculiar properties of this dance, between light and space and matter. One of this qualities on how this things interacted. When the concentration of mass was higher the light would start to spiral down. Inversely a new area of the universe will appear from this concentration of mass, a new generation. Likewise in the universe we can see this naturally occurring : the black holes. Although we haven’t been the white holes yet.






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