where the Science meets Art


Phenomenology, Phenomenology, Phenomenal

It’s like something is there but isn’t there
Floating around in a this probability sphere
Far from thought and beyond the heart
It is in living where matter becomes art

As a word becoming rich every time it’s spoken
The speaker changes when stillness is broken
Dynamic existence please tickle my entropy
openness grows wholeness when let to be free

It’s a process to unlearn culture and beliefs
Connecting to the web and with plants and bees
Hardest of all might be to turn inside out
Becoming One with your own dear doubt

Phenomenology, Phenomenology, Phenomenal

In the meeting in-between matter and mind
Small becomes whole and all is combined
As self-differencing organs of living
we are confined by a multiplicity of being

Welcome to the place beyond ideas and words
Where every single little particle becomes the whole wide world
Like fractals – stars are tinkling this love song
uncovering the phenomenon where we all belong

Let’s go further upstream
Let’s catch that dream

Phenomenology, Phenomenology, Phenomenal

Jump into the part and become the whole
the culture of change needs you soul
And let the relation in-between be where you exists
and watch the appearance of the Holistic Scientist.

Phenomenology, Phenomenology, Phenomenal

thanks to  http://cybiont.wordpress.com


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