Healing Science, studying Goethian Science in Pishwanton

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Without really noticing it, we end up coming to Scotland. The reasons where clear and also many, very last minute we heard the teacher couldn’t come to teach us @ Schumacher College, so why not go there instead? It felt like the first real challenge have been presented to us: experience the complexity of chaos theory and embark in a mysterious yet attractive adventure. After a squeezing in a minibus  traveling for 12 hours enjoying the chat, the  munchies we brought from the college, and the  fun of re tying the tarp that was protecting our precious belongings in the roof. Scotland is a wild land,  the pishwanton project, the centre near Edinburgh that has been dedicated  for the past 21 years to studying and applying Goethian Science is a real green heaven. Everything has been done with extreme care, respecting the land, and honouring all beings that have lived here for long time. From the beginning the planning and thinking of everything( from the buildings passing trough the  herb garden, the trees, compost, toilets.), have been done in consensus. Such a practice bare its fruit and you can see it all around. The roar of the Industrial farming contrast with the tranquility and harmony of the 60 acres that conform pishwanton forest. Once there we finally met Margaret Colquhoun, our teacher and Biologist by profession who has been doing Holistic Science since its early beginnings. A young and healthy chestnut tree planted by the main building by Brian Goodwin wittiness that intimate connection. After a brief introduction and a round of names, we get on with the study and mainly the practice of Goethian Science. Across the field there is yet another fantastic building, all done mostly by hand, carefully crafted and though to be natural, beautiful, organic and functional. Has taken 4 years to finish it, an although is not quite entirely finish is almost ready. There is an incredible warmth and light there, provided by the large glass conservatory.


One response to “Healing Science, studying Goethian Science in Pishwanton

  1. It’s great to see these photos of Pishwanton. Maria and I visited Margaret in January for the afternoon, and I will be really interested to read your write ups of your time here if you are planning to do so in the next week or so.

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