A living way of Science


Studying Holistic Science first module has felt immense, like a journey to an other dimension. The very distinctive vocabulary used, but also the fact that most of his history, foundations and even its definition remain largely unknown to the majority,  but also it seems like is still  on the making process, even for the very pioneers of it. This is last point  rather extraordinary, as we are use to a Science that exist away from people and separate from nature. One of the fascinating things we have been learning is about Goethe’s way of Science, who instead of being an obsolete is rather a starting point for a truly “scientific” science. Henri Bortoft lectures has given us an altogether new standpoint, and have helped to uplift our veils, to see life in a more dynamic way. Finding unity in multiplicity, and seeing life as an alive thing rather than a dead machine, dynamic and always changing,  in constant flux with everything else.
This way of seeing requires the use of our  imagination, to see as the plant sees. This way of doing science is  rather peculiar, but allow us to be  in touch with the dynamic unity, that plants all organism have. Removing our static way of seeing, that comes all the way back from Plato, help us broaden and deepen our world view. Hence developing a more dynamic way of seeing phenomenon we can start to really see our part in it, and thus recover the lost balance.


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