A walk in the woods.

walking in the woods

“If we want to reach a living perception of nature, we must become as living and flexible as nature herself.”

J.W. Goethe

We been at the College for just over a week. What a fantastic experience has been so far. The weather has been warm,an Indian Summer. It almost seems like the Earth is happy for us… But it has been challenging at times also, meeting  people from such different backgrounds, from all different parts of the Planet. As we try  to “define” ourselves(where you from, what you do, etc), we discover that  we all share a  passion to change the World. Or as somebody said it: ” We must change the world, but we must do it now.”  The conditions at Schumacher help catalyse the transformation, the inner growth. The staff is friendly and attentive to help you adapt and feel welcome, the location is serene and lush, the teachers are wise and spontaneous, very warm and a key point: the food ; is amazing, veggie( fresh, locally produce, organic) and what’s the most: cook with love. We have had plenty of chances to get to know the students from the other courses: MA’s Economics for  Transition and Sustainable Horticulture. In total, on the three courses we are around 45, which is an ideal number to facilitate the learning. The introductory week has gone already, with some fascinating topics, and in depth sharing of the  aspirations that lead us to study  Holistic Science. First of all, we have heard a bit more about the facts that brought forth the “appearance” of a new way of doing Science, how traditional science based in a mechanistic way of seeing nature, have contributed to the current state of affairs unconsciously. Therefore we have come together to manifest a new “lens”, that can help us see phenomenon in a more direct way.

Such a distinctive way of doing so, carries different practices and a new way of “seeing”. But we gonna talk about that later on. For now we can focus in arriving and feeling at home, and thus helped by the morning silent meditation and the  delicious porridge.


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